Who We Are

cr:t is an annual three-part urban design lecture series in Tacoma providing information, provoking thought and stimulating discussion about the city’s built environment.

Founded in 2009 and occurring each fall, the series focus on design issues relevant to Tacoma’s urban neighborhoods and downtown core. Our goal is simple–to gather, share, teach and learn with the belief that a healthy dialogue can lead to thoughtful action. Each forum is followed by an informal after-event to continue the conversation with both the audience and speakers.

Present and past members

Shona Bose | Cady Chintis | Brian Corcoran | Brittani Flowers | Joshua Jorgensen | Gary Knudson | Lindsay McCunn | Mishka Morgus | Liisa Pangborn | Brandon Patterson | Barbara Sperry Stoehr | Antonio Vasquez | Ko Wibowo | Aaron Winston | Jessica Winston | John Wolters

Meet the team