Current Series


Tickets /$10 event /$20 series /students free /all events 6:30-8:00 / Gathering after at a local venue 

Made in Tacoma

09.18.2017 / Carwein Auditorium, UWT

Michael Sullivan, historic preservationist, author

Historic preservationist, Michael Sullivan, will speak about immigration’s influence on the shape of our city.

Unfolding Tacoma

10.19.2017 / Jane Russell Auditorium, UWT

A panel discussion about the contributions of immigrants to our region.

Creating Tacoma

11.09.2017 / Spaceworks 1120 Creative House

10 slides x 10 minutes with speakers who create Tacoma as their own. This fast-paced, fun event wraps up the series this year highlighting various Tacomans who strive to create this city as their own. Each speaker will have 10 minutes and 10 slides to show you how they understand what it means to be Tacoma. Come hear about how your friends and neighbors see this gritty city, and follow their journeys of making it their own.