The Team

Shona Bose was in love at first sight when she moved to Tacoma back in 2013. The City of Destiny instantly felt like “home” more than any other place. The mix of density, grit, mountains, and city speaks to her soul. Shona is a Project Designer at McGranahan Architects, as well as Co-Chair of Young Architects Forum Tacoma and member of the local AIA chapter. She has participated in and coordinated events for Conversations Re: Tacoma for the last 3 years and feels it’s a great place for ongoing discussions on the past, present, and future of our city, and how we can continue to cultivate a sense of place. Shona shares her recently purchased home with one super-perfect, sweet kitten and one awful, mean cat whom she loves anyway.

Cady Chintis is an architect and and owner of WC STUDIO, an adventurous architecture agency based in Tacoma. Cady most enjoys being engaged in all aspects of design, construction, and project development as part of an architect-developer team working to realize forward-looking projects that elevate the daily experience for people in Tacoma.

Josh Jorgensen is a project Manager for Tacoma Housing Authority, making him passionate about holistic community design, meaningful and attractive real estate development, community engagement that is actually engaging, and seeing Tacoma grow in a way that is equitable to those that call it home. He also likes seeing his children and wife strive to thrive in a city where your destiny is what you make it.

Gary Knudson is a lifelong resident of Tacoma, and has practiced architecture in the Tacoma-Seattle area for over 45 years, including over 25 years in a firm ownership capacity. Gary has held key positions in numerous Tacoma City commissions and advisory committees, as well as several non-profit boards. He has served on the Board of Directors of Historic Tacoma since 2010, and as president for four of those years. Historic Tacoma is the only local organization that promotes advocacy, public engagement and education in furtherance of good governance as it relates to the built environment. As Historic Tacoma’s cr:t representative, Gary believes that the unique character of Tacoma’s architectural heritage represents the community values inherent in Tacoma’s strong sense of place and identity, and that it provides an excellent lens through which to view Tacoma’s unfolding story.

Lindsay McCunn, PhD is an environmental psychologist, whose research examines intersections between human attitudes, behaviors, and various built settings. Lindsay’s work has been published in interdisciplinary books and scholarly journals such as Cities, Architectural Science Review, the Journal of Library Administration, the Seniors Housing & Care Journal, the Health Environments Research & Design Journal, and the Journal of Management in Engineering. After living for several years in Tacoma while working as an Assistant Professor of psychology at the University of Washington, Lindsay recently returned to her native Canada, to be a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Vancouver Island University. She is an active member of the Canadian Psychological Association and the Environmental Design Research Association and serves on editorial boards for a number of scholarly outlets in the social sciences. Her professional website is:

Mishka Morgus is a designer in the Schools Studio at TCF Architecture. She worked on the Ocosta Elementary School in Westport, WA, the first building in the United States with a vertical tsunami refuge. Mishka serves as Treasurer of the Young Architects Forum and Conversations Regarding Tacoma, and has been an active participant in both groups for the past three years.

Barbara Serry Stoehr is a UWT Urban Studies graduate and a former planner for the City of Sumner and City of Tacoma.  She believes in cultivating community and bringing people together through art and public engagement.  She is intrigued by the intersection between cities and nature and the innovative ways of marrying the two through sustainable construction and design.  Currently, Barbara enjoys her days as a new mom and artist.  She is a member of the 253 Collective gallery, a local artist cooperative, and features her work on her website  She lives with her family in North Tacoma.

Ko Wibowo is an award-winning architect, urban enthusiast and educator.  He is the past-president of American Institute of Architects Southwest Washington Chapter and a part-time faculty member of the University of Washington-Tacoma, Urban Studies Department.  Ko is the founder of Conversations Re: Tacoma.

Aaron Winston is an architect, coffee lover, and most enjoys working creatively and collaboratively. Aaron was born and raised in Tacoma and is looking forward to being part of its growth.

John Wolters is the other half of WC STUDIO. When not on the job site managing the construction of their latest development project, Wedgeview, John is probably doing something related to one of the following categories: coffee & snacks, riding & racing bicycles, cleaning & organizing.

Other cr:t members and alumni
Antonio Vasquez | Brandon Patterson | Brian Corcoran | Brittani Flowers | Jessica Winston | Joshua Jorgensen | Liisa Pangborn


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